Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can we try this again?

When I originally opened this Blog, I wasn't sure where this would go, or who would even read this. To this date, I haven't done much with the blog, and so it has really lived up to the expectations of no one reading this.

Is that so bad though? Sometimes when we get out our thoughts, many of us will think about it write it down, or talk to a friend they can trust. This time, I have decided to try something completely different, and that is to put it down on digital paper, and post it on the web.

What will this blog be about? I had thought about that when I started, will this be a Catholic Apologetics blog, or will this be something that I can just talk about my faith with, or is this a blog about my life in general. To tell you the truth, I reality don't know. I do not this, I am passionate about many things in life, and that is to be my Family, and my faith. With those in line, and key in my life, you can start to make the picture out where this might go.

To some people this may not be there "cup of tea" so to speak, others .. dead on. Let's see what happens, and where this leads me, and you.

I will see you in the future.

In Christ,

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