Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They Come and go


Today i have thought or for the last two weeks, about friends. I have had 2 friends since highschool, we have had so many good times, but as time went on we all grew apart from eachother. Heck, they don't even talk to eachother.

This doesn't mean that they are neccisarly bad people , just means we all have changed, and grew into the adults we are today. I may not neccisarly agree with what they beleive in or value, but enough to respect that.

In the past I have always tried to put things past me, because i felt my friendship with them was so important. I trusted them like brothers. Have I been betrayed? Yes, by both. Have I done the same? Knowingly Are they victims of the same possible problem? maybe.

I want to be close with them, but have been pushed off, or lied too. I relized maybe I need to just roll the dice and see where my cards lay? If they were meant to be there forever, they will be. If it's there time, just let it be.

My mom once told me 'friends don't last forever, Family does". I agree with that totally(mostly).

Bottom line is we have grown up so much, changed, and created friction. So instead of me swallowing my pride, I need to be me, and just me. If that is not good enough for someone, or it's to hard. Than they need to walk away.

My name is Adrian Abeyta, I am a proud liberal, and an ever learning Catholic. Go Figure!

-Thank you.

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