Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Game

Sin, the temptation of such, and the consequences of the actions caused  by sin. Common in our everyday lives, the temptations are there, whether we are aware, or even choose to acknowledge.  I know at times for me, you want to let your conscious  lax to a point where you feel comfortable letting sins happen in your life. I attribute this to myself who use to not believe that there was a God. This was really easy for me to accomplish, since I needed an enormous about of ignorance and will. Not having a God, meant I was the only one who really needed to hold myself to be accountable. Pretty easy, when the you could tell yourself " Meh, your only human" or "You only live once".  Why not, who is it going to hurt? Right?

This i believe is the verbiage the haunts my conscious to this day, and I admit, it does come up. Ah come on, just for the next hour or whatever, maybe there isn't a "god" and I am worrying about this way way too much? I should just go through with it. Than I start to tell myself.. but what if I am wrong?

You know it's funny, because that is what I think when I hear many Atheists talk about there being "no god".  But what if.. Just what IF you are wrong, and there is a God? Than everything you do in your life, Good, bad, is held accountable on you!

And what if there is not a God, but you lived your life as a good Christian. Did you waste you life? Did you say no to those times when it would have been so much fun to sin, to hurt those around you, whether you realized it or not.

My answer is no. If I lived my life, living out the Christian life, and I died, to find out, I was, and the whole church was wrong.. Than fine, I still lived my life happy. But if I didn't live the life I was told by from the Word of God, I just decided to say, I choose not to believe in a God, because a lot of people say the same thing, and I feel I should hold myself only accountable, and no one else, and God is just a Gap to which science cannot explain and that.. well heck, I only live just once, I need to enjoy it, even if its considering a sinning, than I died.. to find out, all of it was true. What than shall I do?

Nothing, because it's game over, I was given the opportunity everyday to confess and repent(John 20:21–23) to God (1 John 1:9), but I chose sin, now Sin has won, and the damnation of my soul is my own doing.  Game over, Satan has won, he has also made a place for me in hell, Just as my Lord has made a place for me in heaven, except, I gave that up, with my ignorance, and lack of faith.

Today, is not my last day, but tomorrow might be, where am I with God, where do I stand? God has always kept that door open for us, to change our ways, to avoid the place of eternal damnation with Satan. God has prepared a place for us, but remember so has satan. Both are cheering for you. God wants to see you win, and keep your eternal life forever with the himself and the saints in heaven, but Satan is also cheering for you as well. He would like to see you lose your life, and enter his eternal damnation of fire. He also has place ready for you.

The game is still on, you are still in this, Take hold of your life, give faith to your Lord and Savior, and the next time someone tells you.. "You only live once", you can say, Your right,  and I will follow my Lord,  and keep my place in heaven, with my Lord

Thank you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can we try this again?

When I originally opened this Blog, I wasn't sure where this would go, or who would even read this. To this date, I haven't done much with the blog, and so it has really lived up to the expectations of no one reading this.

Is that so bad though? Sometimes when we get out our thoughts, many of us will think about it write it down, or talk to a friend they can trust. This time, I have decided to try something completely different, and that is to put it down on digital paper, and post it on the web.

What will this blog be about? I had thought about that when I started, will this be a Catholic Apologetics blog, or will this be something that I can just talk about my faith with, or is this a blog about my life in general. To tell you the truth, I reality don't know. I do not this, I am passionate about many things in life, and that is to be my Family, and my faith. With those in line, and key in my life, you can start to make the picture out where this might go.

To some people this may not be there "cup of tea" so to speak, others .. dead on. Let's see what happens, and where this leads me, and you.

I will see you in the future.

In Christ,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They Come and go


Today i have thought or for the last two weeks, about friends. I have had 2 friends since highschool, we have had so many good times, but as time went on we all grew apart from eachother. Heck, they don't even talk to eachother.

This doesn't mean that they are neccisarly bad people , just means we all have changed, and grew into the adults we are today. I may not neccisarly agree with what they beleive in or value, but enough to respect that.

In the past I have always tried to put things past me, because i felt my friendship with them was so important. I trusted them like brothers. Have I been betrayed? Yes, by both. Have I done the same? Knowingly Are they victims of the same possible problem? maybe.

I want to be close with them, but have been pushed off, or lied too. I relized maybe I need to just roll the dice and see where my cards lay? If they were meant to be there forever, they will be. If it's there time, just let it be.

My mom once told me 'friends don't last forever, Family does". I agree with that totally(mostly).

Bottom line is we have grown up so much, changed, and created friction. So instead of me swallowing my pride, I need to be me, and just me. If that is not good enough for someone, or it's to hard. Than they need to walk away.

My name is Adrian Abeyta, I am a proud liberal, and an ever learning Catholic. Go Figure!

-Thank you.