Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Health Care Reform

Health care reform is something that I feel very strong about. The presidents idea about every american should not be without health insurance makes sense. I for a period of almost 2 years was not covered under any health insurance and neither were my kids and wife.

The health insurance my job offers was to expensive for my budget. If I decided to pay into it, I wouldn't have anywhere to live. I couldn't afford rent and health insurance. This seems to be the case for many low middles class Americans and especially poverty America too. It is a sad fact living in the most powerful country in the world, and we can not even over health care to every American!

The Plan would let americans buy into the government health system, americans would pay nothing or little, depending on income.

Health insurance companies are complaining, saying this would drive them out of buisness. This , However, does not make sense. The health insurance companies should have nothing to worry about if they are offering competitive and strong services to the public. Maybe the new pressure of the government health care system will force the health industry to rethink the whole idea of " Pre Existing Condition" policy.

Many die from these horrible policies. Preventitive care has been proven to make people live longer and healthier!

I just hope this bill gets to the presidents desk. The right wing radicals and the health care insurance industry will stop at nothing and say anything to kill this bill.\

Until next time,

Good night, and Good Luck!

-Adrian Abeyta

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